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North Central Airlines

To introduce this new type of aircraft to the inventory, North Central once again called upon the talents of Karl Brocken for the livery design. Based on the DC-3's current "feather" look, Karl moved the logo (which he originally designed for the airline) to the tail . Since the boarding door was now on the left - front of the aircraft, a smaller "Herman the Duck" logo was added for the passengers to see. This also advertised the fact that North Central's newly acquired Convairs were in fact, all-weather airplanes. The words "Radar Equipped", along with a radar beam, bracketed Herman's head.
A new livery emerged only a year and a half after the original feather design was used on the first Convairs to arrive on North Central's property. This was a modernized, geometric version of the "feather" look and coincided with the DC-3's new paint. Ship numbers were applied to the center of the feather, just aft of the cockpit windows. This design would remain until the Convairs were converted to the turboprop 580 starting in 1967.
Wisconsin Central Cessna Bobcat
Wisconsin Central Lockheed 10A
Wisconsin Central DC-3
North Central DC-3 - Interim Scheme #1
North Central DC-3 - Interim Scheme #2
North Central DC-3 - Original Feather
North Central DC-3 - White Top Feather
North Central DC-3 - Modern Feather
Convair 340/440 - Original Feather
Convair 340/440 - Modern Feather
Convair 580 - Original
Convair 580 - Late
Douglas DC-9 - Original
Douglas DC-9 - Late
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