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North Central Airlines

Two Cessna UC-78 Bobcats (NC 51401 and NC63662), also known as "The Bamboo Bomber", were used by Wisconsin Central for a seven month period in 1946. The airline ran an intrastate operation with the Bobcats prior to CAB certified operation in 1948 using the Lockheed 10A's.
This paint scheme was based on Milwaukee industrial designer Karl Brocken's logo of the mallard duck known as "Herman". The duck symbolizes the quick and short flights WIS aircraft would fly against the circle which represents the sun by day and the moon at night. The top and bottom of the wings displayed "WIS" on one side painted in red with a white border and the registration number on the other wing in dark blue. Towards the latter part of the 10A's service, the top portion of the fuselage above the "WISCONSIN CENTRAL" was painted white to reduce heat buildup in the cockpit/cabin.
Del Hendrickson, Jr , the son of Vice President of Operations D.G. Hendrickson (1948-1952), was responsible for the first livery on the newly acquired Douglas DC-3's. He was enrolled as a commercial art student at the University of Wisconsin when he came up with this design featuring the "Herman" logo, still prominently displayed by the boarding door. The remainder of the design was very similar to the TWA paint scheme; the same carrier that sold the first seven aircraft to Wisconsin Central. The registration numbers in dark blue and WIS in red with a white border continued to be displayed on the top and bottom of the wings as had been done with the Lockheed 10A. This was a Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) requirement until a few years later. Del Hendrickson, Jr went on to become a pilot for North Central.
Wisconsin Central Cessna Bobcat
Wisconsin Central Lockheed 10A
Wisconsin Central DC-3
North Central DC-3 - Interim Scheme #1
North Central DC-3 - Interim Scheme #2
North Central DC-3 - Original Feather
North Central DC-3 - White Top Feather
North Central DC-3 - Modern Feather
Convair 340/440 - Original Feather
Convair 340/440 - Modern Feather
Convair 580 - Original
Convair 580 - Late
Douglas DC-9 - Original
Douglas DC-9 - Late
Cessna UC-78 Bobcat Cessna UC-78 Bobcat
Cessna UC-78 Bobcat
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