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North Central Airlines

This paint scheme is basically the Wisconsin Central livery with a few changes. The North Central name is now in blue rather than red and gone is the Wisconsin Central name around the logo near the boarding door. When the board of directors renamed the airline in September of 1952 due to a headquarters move from Madison, Wisconsin to Minneapolis/St. Paul, there were 10 DC-3's in the WIS fleet. These were the aircraft that received this quick fix design.
This is a "bare bones" scheme that was used for only about 3 to 4 aircraft . These airplanes were acquired after the name change from Wisconsin Central but prior to a formal design for the rapidly expanding airline. Note the "formerly WISCONSIN CENTRAL" positioned near the boarding door, lest there be any doubt as to what outfit is operating this DC-3.
Wisconsin Central Cessna Bobcat
Wisconsin Central Lockheed 10A
Wisconsin Central DC-3
North Central DC-3 - Interim Scheme #1
North Central DC-3 - Interim Scheme #2
North Central DC-3 - Original Feather
North Central DC-3 - White Top Feather
North Central DC-3 - Modern Feather
Convair 340/440 - Original Feather
Convair340/440 - Modern Feather
Convair 580 - Original
Convair 580 - Late
Douglas DC-9 - Original
Douglas DC-9 - Late
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